ATTENTION! If you are climbing your first mountain like Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Pisco or going to Everest Base Camp for the first time, this is for you ...
Your first big adventure only happens once ... get the MOST out of it.
Are you ...
  • ... planning to climb your first mountain like Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Pisco or even Mt Rainier?
  • ... going on your first big trek such as to Everest Base Camp?
  • ... preparing for your NEXT climb and want to make it way better?
If you want a mountain experience that will IMPACT your life so you live bigger and better than ever then this is the most important message you'll read all year.
Prepare In the smartest way possible without.....
wasted time....
No one has time to waste. Don't "just train" for the sake of training! Be smart, be efficient, avoid wasted effort and take control of your valuable time so you show up prepared in the least amount of time possible. The bonus? Skills like this will keep you in shape on AND off the mountain no matter how busy your life is ... 
Wasted money...
Better skills mean smarter purchasing power on the right gear and less wasted money on crap that you don't need. Whether you have a lot of extra money or not, be wise about your spending so you don't throw hundreds and even thousands of dollars out the window (and avoid looking like you got advice from a high school kid working in an outdoor store ...)
Too Much frustration
Anyone can slog their way through. But will slogging your way through really help you create the experience of a lifetime? Will slogging really set you up for a lifetime of new adventures? Will slogging be what the smartest person would do? Mountain adventures are challenging enough. And you'd rather be in control than frustrated and uncomfortable .. right?
I'm Daniela Liscio and I help people live their adventures confidently. I was also a lawyer for over 12 years and know what it's like to work long hours behind a desk and have limited time for everything else. 

The information on this page is going to give you everything you need to navigate your first time mountain summit or first big trek to make it a fulfilling, comfortable and successful experience that will IMPACT your life afterwards more than you thought possible.

Because the mountain will teach you some pretty amazing lessons, and when you show up fully prepared to do your absolute best ... you'll ALSO take the biggest and best lessons home with you. And every minute you wait is another minute you lock yourself into an average life ... instead of finding your greatest adventures and living your most fulfilled experiences. 

Besides ... showing up unprepared is taking a half-assed effort at a life-altering adventure (and if you're still reading, I'm guessing that's NOT you).
Almost 20 years ago, a friend told me he had dreamed of hiking in Nepal. 

"Cool - let's go!" I said. 

I had done quite a lot of hiking, had traveled a LOT, and I was in fantastic shape having been working out 5 or 6 days a week for years despite my 80+hour work weeks. I should be able to manage Everest Base Camp ... right?
Sort of. Except my head was going to pop off ...
At some point on my journey up to Everest Base Camp, my headache got so bad I was sure my head was going to pop off. My lips were practically stuck together because I was dehydrated like never before ... and yet I was so nauseous I couldn't even keep sips of water down. My gear was crap - despite the fact that I had spent hundreds of dollars at one of the biggest outdoor gear shops around and had (supposedly) gotten "expert" advice ...
I was a MESS ...
And because I was such a mess I didn't get into bigger altitude again for another 7 years. SEVEN years! (It's kinda like when you're young and stupid and you host a tequila party in college not knowing how many tequila shots are too many ... then even the thought of tequila makes you sick for years to come. Yes, even the thought of being in altitude again was enough to make me start feeling sick!) 

You see, while I had done some hiking on mountains, I had never been above 13,000 feet. But now I was on my way to Everest Base Camp at 17,600 feet spending 15 days on the rugged mountain. 

I had a LOT of questions ...

... About fitness for the mountain
... About gear
... About what to eat up there
... About what it would REALLY be like not taking a shower for 15 days!

The reality was I was clueless. Even though I had read a lot of guide books and done a lot of research, and had a popular and well-known guide service that sent me a lot of information before the trip ... I still couldn't QUITE understand what a mountain adventure would be like. 

And the trip could have been SO much better had I had better information. The experience could have been so much more impactful in my life ... and I could have AVOIDED a TON of needless agony and pain that kept me from more adventures for all those years. 

Worse, because I was too busy worrying about my headache and puking my guts out, I didn't fully appreciate the lessons that mountain climb could have taught me. 
You could go hang out on a beach ... but you want to challenge yourself. You want something different. You want the opportunity to prove to yourself that you CAN break through physical and mental barriers to change and improve your life forever ... 
It's not just a trip. It's far more ...

Because when you've been dreaming of this adventure, and you have limited vacation time, not showing up properly prepared is the difference between a fulfilled experience and one that is uncomfortable, frustrating, and dangerous.

It's that serious.

time, money and sacrifice has gone into making this happen
You're spending time and money to have an epic story to tell your family and friends ... but it's going to feel like crap if you look like a TOOL in front of your climbing team and had a miserable time.
prepare for what's to come
You've never done anything like this and you don't want your drive for adventure to turn into catastrophe. And you especially don't want to find out after it's too late that you could have better prepared to make it to the summit ...
you're going to enjoy the "journey" ... but you still want to make it to the top
Getting to the summit is never guaranteed, but you want to do your part to improve your chances. Except ... you wonder how exactly you're going to keep your cool when you're freezing your butt off, haven't had a shower in days and facing constant discomfort ... 
You can turn your first mountain adventure into the adventure you've been craving - while making your life more fulfilled than you ever imagined!
Create the Experience of a Lifetime ...
... and live full ON
Living Half-Assed is BS.
Do you want a trip of a lifetime - or are you just going through the motions to get it off your bucket list?
"never done it" doesn't have to mean amateur
Just because you've never done something before doesn't mean you need to look like an amateur. Knowing a few key insider secrets can make all the difference ... to creating an amazing experience the benefits of which will last you a lifetime.
better experience, better health
Getting your fitness and health in tip top shape not only for this adventure but most importantly in a lasting way will keep you LIVING your adventures (instead of dreaming about them). And that is truly the difference between living an average life ... and living the life you were born to live.
There's nothing worse than not taking full advantage of a big "first" ... Understand the dos and don'ts of mountain life and fitness and nutrition for the mountain so you get the most out it - even if you've never stepped foot on a mountain before.
introducing ...
This program will give you everything you need to
successfully navigate your first time mountain summit!
ADVENTURE SECRETS is the most comprehensive, one-of-a-kind mountain preparation available so you show up confident and ready ...
  • 4-part digital training including the Rugged Focus system you need to make your prep time work for you as fast as possible.
  • Insider secrets to make sure you handle your first time like a pro.
  • Better training, better nutrition and all around better skills to make your mountain adventure a rock solid experience ... and last you a lifetime beyond. 
What's included in the adventure secrets on line training
better Physical Training
Training more efficiently means training specifically for your mountain adventure, as well as understanding the essential principles that will keep you strong, and save you time - for your mountain prep AND your life. Learn how to structure your workouts for optimal performance - and the difference between getting to the summit and having to abandon your trip early.
essential mountaineering nutrition
There's nutrition, and then there's sports nutrition ... and then there's nutrition for a mountain adventure. You'll get essential information to ensure you are properly fueled and recovered.

Better Mental training
It's a different world up there! And it's not enough to just say "get tougher" or "suck it up." Learn critical strategies to face your demons in training to help you stay calm, strong and breeze through the challenges that you will face on the mountain. As a massive bonus, you will continue to use these powerful strategies OFF the mountain to empower and strengthen your day to day life. 
amateur to skilled
However different you will find life on the mountain, knowing what to expect will quickly turn you from amateur to expert. Learn the dos and don'ts of mountain life so that you can spend your time fully living up your mountain experience. (And - let's face it - so you don't look or feel like a tool in front of the rest of your climbing team!)

Plan. prepare. succeed.
This is your opportunity to become a VIP Member of ADVENTURE SECRETS with everything you need to train better, learn essential mountaineering nutrition, get the Rugged Focus system to master your mindset and convert you from amateur to skilled AND get all these crazy-good extras ...
join today and get these unbelievably
rugged bonuses to maximize your Adventure!
bONUS Gear session! (value $500)
You could spend hours watching BS reviews that never really give you the information you need OR you could join Dan Nash for a special session specifically designed to discuss outdoor gear with your mountain venture top of mind. Dan has conducted hundreds of gear reviews for major outdoor publications and brands in his 30+ years experience mountain climbing around the world. He has also been teaching gear classes for over a decade and has a wealth of information to share that will not only ensure you are more comfortable and safe on your adventure travel, but will save you massive amounts of money and time. (Past students cannot believe how much $ and time this class has saved them - in addition to making them more sophisticated hikers! Besides, you CANNOT rely on what an outdoor salesperson tells you to buy …)
bONUS 6-month rugged focus training program (value $600)
Receive a 6-month detailed training program that illustrates the principles discussed in Adventure Secrets. PLUS the training program is not some generic static document but instead is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED so that you can easily customize and tailor it according to YOUR unique fitness profile and goals. The program is easy to modify to keep your training on track and progressing in time for your adventure, with lots of room for notes and staying organized as things in your life may change (sickness, injury, extra busy work schedule, family stuff, etc.). Designed in conjunction with experienced climbers who know what it takes to get to the top of a mountain, this program is a critical tool to help make sure you get to where you're going. 
bONUS Access to the Explore Life Tribe (value $250)
We've met way too many people who don't get out into the outdoors, onto a mountain, and out in the world because they "don't have anyone to go with." While that is not a good enough reason to stop you, no journey is as rich as one you go through with others on the same path. Meet other adventurers through the Explore Life Tribe to share thoughts, concerns, advice and LOTS of laughs, make lifelong friends ... and maybe even find new travel buddies in the process. Hanging out with more adventurous people will definitely bring you more adventure :)
bONUS Discounts on Mountaineering or Trekking Adventures (min value $100)
Did you complete Adventure Secrets? Then good news! You are eligible to lock in a minimum $100 discount on your next adventure with Satori Expeditions! Simply pay your deposit within 60 days of your purchase of Adventure Secrets and plan to travel within 24 months. No blackout dates apply, which means you have TWO FULL YEARS after your purchase date of Adventure Secrets to continue to SAVE $$$$! Because once you start spreading your wings, you're really going to want to soar ...
bONUS Lifetime Access to Adventure secrets including new bonuses! (value $1,000)
We are committed to making Adventure Secrets the best it can possibly be. As a special VIP Member, you will get LIFETIME access to the course which means you'll also get ALL future updates, improvements and bonuses. It is our gift to you for getting in early and being a VIP Member!
BONUS TO fIRST 10 PURCHASERS ONLY!* Branded Satori Adventures & Expeditions Buff!
If you know the outdoors then you know how invaluable this one piece of multifunctional headwear really is (and Buff is still the category king!). But it's not only a perfect piece of equipment ... it's been specially designed with Buff's design team to continue to inspire and motivate you to reach the summits of all the biggest mountains in your life. These are available in LIMITED QUANTITIES and there are only 10 of them left to give away to the first 10 purchasers of Adventure Secrets! 
* Shipping to continental United States addresses only.]
Introductory Price For a LIMITED TIME ONLY!
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4 part on-line training program to turn
you from amateur to pro
BONUS Gear Session!
BONUS 6-month Rugged Focus Training Program!
BONUS Access to the Explore Life Tribe!
BONUS Discounts on Mountaineering or
Trekking Adventures!
BONUS Lifetime Access to Future Updates!
Come Prepared to do the work.
The on line world is full of "money back guarantees!" We are NOT offering a money back guarantee. Why? Because we want you to show up ready to make it happen and get amazing results, If you're not ready to do that, this probably isn't for you - besides, it does YOU no good if we don't hold you accountable! We want you to succeed, not have another course piled up somewhere in your computer files that you haven't touched. And if you share this attitude and show up ready to work, we guarantee we'll do our best to help you get it done. That we can guarantee.
  • This is THE insider's guide to your first climb to discover how to get the most out of your adventure
  • You'll understand exactly how to choose gear to look like a pro (and NOT like an amateur who got advice from some high school kid at an outdoor store!)
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that keep people from using their preparation time efficiently (and get a fantastic training program to help you every step of the way). 
  • You'll learn how to mentally and physically prepare so that you keep your cool when you're freezing and haven't had a shower in days.
  • You'll have confidence that you have done everything within your power to ensure you create the absolute trip of a lifetime.
How will you feel ...
  • ... showing up on the mountain confident and secure that you are in the best position possible to keep you successful, safe and comfortable ...
  • ... having the trip of a lifetime without disappointment or discomfort ...
  • ... knowing you are living your dreams rather than dreaming about them ...
  • ... seeing the amazement in the faces of your friends and family as you tell them about the incredible adventure you've just had ... and how you did it like a pro!
  • ... knowing how to stay in tip top shape even after you get back from your mountain adventure so that you can keep living your adventures and YOUR LIFE!
frequently asked questions
I don't have 6 months to train before my trip. Can I still use the 6-month training program?
ABSOLUTELY! Part of the magic of Adventure Secrets is that we're going to teach you the principles to create your own workout programs (which - if we say so ourselves - is priceless). But to help you out we've given you a detailed program that is fully customizable. In fact, any generic program MUST be tailored to your unique situation, and we've made that very easy for you. So even if you have less than six months time, you'll be able to take from the Rugged Focus Training Program the pieces you need to suit the time you DO have. 
Is this course useful if I've already been on a mountain adventure?
YES! Adventure Secrets will MOST DEFINITELY make your next adventure way better than the last. We totally understand what happens when you are clueless going on that first mountain adventure. We've been there! Despite your best efforts, there's only so far guide books and your guide company's same-old information can take you. So, you leave that first adventure definitely wiser ... but still not entirely sure how to make the next one more successful. Even if this isn't your first rodeo, Adventure Secrets can definitely help. 
Don't I already get this information from my guide service?
Good guide services typically provide at least some basic information on training and gear requirements. In our experience, this advice does not adequately prepare you. Even the best guide services will typically provide just a template training program without explaining the methodology behind it, which does not make for effective training. Nutrition advice is RARELY provided and even if it is, that also leaves a LOT to be desired. Nor will guide services answer questions about life on the mountain ... including the stuff that clients are typically too embarrassed to ask about! We aim to address all those shortcomings and WAY more! It's why we designed this program in the first place. 
I'm short on time ... what if I can't keep up or want to go at my own pace?
Adventure Secrets is structured for you to go at your own pace. And because VIP members get LIFETIME access, you don't have to rush! In addition, we understand you are busy (we TOTALLY get it ... most of our adventures have been scheduled and planned in context of ridiculously busy work and personal lives, too). We know and understand that you have time only for the stuff you absolutely need. Adventure Secrets was designed with this in mind so that you get highly valuable information in the shortest amount of time possible. 
I don't yet have a trip planned but I've always wanted to plan a mountain adventure. Can I still benefit?
ABSOLUTELY! (We love your planning mindset, by the way - it will serve you well.) You will get a TON out of Adventure Secrets even if you don't yet have an adventure trip booked - fitness training, sports nutrition, gear knowledge, mindset issues ... and the more preparation you have, the better. You can totally use this program to boost your physical and mental health AND - best of all - to inspire you to dream bigger. Besides, as a VIP Member of Adventure Secrets you'll be granted access to the Explore Life Tribe .... and you may find an adventure even closer than you think.
I have a trekking / backpacking trip planned. Will Adventure Secrets still be useful even if I'm not climbing a mountain?
ABSOLUTELY! Adventure travel takes many forms - and we get that. Although our focus in Adventure Secrets is your first mountain climb, the material you will learn in this program will be particularly useful for any backpacking or trekking trip as well as a mountain adventure. The physical and mental benefits of this program are yours for the taking - even if you simply want to become a stronger weekend warrior. (Although we hope at some point you consider a mountain climb because we know how special and unique that experience is :) But we're here for you no matter what your preferred adventure!)
Become a VIP Member of Adventure Secrets and Take advantage of the Introductory price and bonuses for a
limited time ONLY!
Introductory Price For a LIMITED TIME ONLY!
today's price ...
Special ONE-TIME fee is available 
ONLY until midnight Central 
on November 11, 2019.
4 part on-line training program to turn
you from amateur to pro
BONUS Gear Session!
BONUS 6-month Rugged Focus Training Program!
BONUS Access to the Explore Life Tribe!
BONUS Discounts on Mountaineering or
Trekking Adventures!
BONUS Lifetime Access to Future Updates!
What Others say ...
- cody r.
The training plan leading up to my first big mountain expedition was so thorough that it took out all the guess work and added the confidence I needed. It was fantastic!
- Annalisa H.
This was a godsend to my preparation for my Mt. Pisco climb. I was new to workouts - and even new to deciding to do an actual adventure outside my comfort zone. The workouts were key to mimicking what I would need on my climb, and I still use the workout plan when I have a new physical goal coming up. I felt energized and empowered listening to Daniela. This was one of the best decisions I've made.
Other people know average is no way to live ... and you know it, too.
You're not going to live half-assed.
Do you want the trip of a lifetime - or are you just going through the motions to get it off your bucket list?
Don't forget about the limited time bonuses ...
PLUS the limited bonus!!
Be one of the FIRST 10 PURCHASERS of Adventure Secrets and expand your gear closet with this beautiful and versatile CUSTOM BUFF! Guaranteed to quickly become one of your favorite pieces of gear, it's a favorite of athletes of all types (and if you already have one then you already know you can't have too many). This is a limited edition Buff and we only have 10 to give away! Made in Spain, this is the ORIGINAL and trademarked Buff, designed with the Buff design team and the Satori Adventures & Expeditions logo to keep you inspired and pushing to your max every time you wear it. [Shipping to continental United States addresses only.]
Introductory Price For a LIMITED TIME ONLY!
today's price ...
Special ONE-TIME fee is available 
ONLY until midnight Central 
on November 11, 2019.
4 part on-line training program to turn
you from amateur to pro
BONUS Gear Session!
BONUS 6-month Rugged Focus Training Program!
BONUS Access to the Explore Life Tribe!
BONUS Discounts on Mountaineering or
Trekking Adventures!
BONUS Lifetime Access to Future Updates!
There's nothing worse than saying after the fact, "I wish I would have ..."
Every minute you wait is another excuse keeping you from your most adventurous and fulfilled life. Take action NOW and live full out!
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